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31 Dec



Sweet Swedes

31 Dec

Ummmmm HELLO new obsession! Stockholm StreetStyle, aka, is BEYOND amazing. Aside from the fact that my life inspiration, Lauren Santo Domingo, is featured gallivanting in the streets of Stockholm, the blogs photogs really have an eye for functional and fun fashion. And can I please just say I am thoroughly impressed with Swedish style! Now if only Norway would get a legit streetstyle blog I’m sure they’d give their Scandinavian counterparts a run for their money! The site is in Swedish, but really, tune in for the pics–translation not required.

I Love LSD!

17 Dec

….get your mind out of the gutter! LSD stands for Lauren Santo Domingo…I am desperate for her to do some more photoshoots! Her photos in this spread are so great, and she really is so out of the box–rather than be the typical, boring Upper East Side snoot, she’s an artsy and contemporary city gal who smokes cigs and frequents South America with her Colombian bilionare husband. And she writes for Vogue. Nothing about her is normal (or fair!)

I love these in particular because I am a full-on supporter of oversized gold jewelry and tousled blonde hair 🙂

Vintage Heidi

17 Dec

Ok, so I first saw this Elle Magazine on my way to Costa Rica several years ago in the airport–I didnt buy it at the time because I was mid-run to my connecting flight….and I returned to the states to find the issue had been hauled out and the next month’s was in….the pictures from this spread are SO HARD to find but I want her hair in the cover picture SO BAD!!! She looks so amazing! I love how rocker chick the bangs are, but in reality, I am way too low maintenance to keep up with the cut…maybe I should just photoshop my face into this picture 😉

Dutch Doll

16 Dec

Lisanne de Jong is the new model du jour for high end runway shows….born in 1990 (eek! making ME feel old…), this Dutch import was the toast of NYC Fashion Week this fall….
In addition to shows like Herve Leger and Max Azria, de Jong is also racking up a slew of campaigns.
5’11…..24 inch waist… whyyyyy are some people beyond genetically blessed? And, as cherries on top, she’s a blue-eyed blonde. Bellissima!
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