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Tanya Dziahileva

17 Jun

Belarusan beauty Tanya, who is commonly described as resembling an elf or an alien, is my current fascination. The ads of her that stick out in my mind are for Michael by Michael Kors… she’s got hair down-to-there and the thinnest little body I have seen in a while! BTW…she was born in 1991 (she turned 20 a few weeks ago)! Holy shiz.


dior resort 2011

14 Jun

Dior never lets me down. This collection, unvieled in Shanghai, had quite an interesting spectrum–everything from sugary sweet pastels to skintight leather. Equal parts Grace Kelly and Rizzo from Grease. Needless to say, my favorite looks are more along the lines of the former, and something about the boxy cuts and oversize accents are remniscent of Elle’s skirt suits and pillbox hats in Legally Blonde 2…in a good way!

ps-i love the super teased hair! so fun.

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date night

12 Jun

this past wednesday novio and I had a little date night that consisted of japanese, irish, and mexican. i love being multiculturally appreciative. the beers look tiny, but that’s only because you get FOUR that size–each one a different european draft. beer sampling is definitely the way to go, especially when you don’t recognize much on the menu…

his hair is getting so long! and he wore the nuevo shirt i got him in nyc 🙂

nyc, you complete me

11 Jun

This past weekend marked my primero excursion to THE city, aka NYC. I can honestly say now I have caught the fever, it took me by surprise. My heart rate quickened and I got a little anxious and then it happened–I fell in love with a city. I can’t wait to go back!

Great times were had, and amigos from all different walks of mi vida are now intertwined. Not to mention my dad’s cumpleano, which is what promped the trip. Hope you enjoy the pics!

some things i’m loving

3 Jun

everything this girl is wearing. and lunch in the park 🙂

riding on handlebars

 bedhead and smoky eye makeup

the decadence of fur and sweatpants

oversized clear frames


photos via vogue latino america, fashiongonerogue,, stockholm streetstyle, olsens anonymous, and la vie boston

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