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huaca pucllana-fine peruvian dining

31 Aug

Our primero comida en Peru. The restaraunt is stationed on an archaelogical site in Lima. In between dinner and dessert (which you can see were both delectable! I had sea bass and mi hermano had the tuna), we toured the temple ruins.

We met some people from DC, and together we wined and dined like a motley crue of temporary expatriates.

Definitely set the bar for the rest of the meals we ate!

*Side note, as you’ll begin to see in the trip’s pics, I took full advantage of NOT blow-drying or hairstyling my mane at all.. which those who know me, know that I rarely indulge and usually just let it airdry. BUT, being in a country so in tune with being outdoors, hiking, and living in sweats and basics I definitely took to channeling my inner/outer bohemian

view from our dinner table….literally steps away

the sea bass….a-ma-zing

the tuna…yum yum

mi padre posing with the statues

and teaching a seminar it seems?

yo y mi hermano

mingling with the natives

my pyramid of chocolate mousse 😉

On me: Target top, Old navy hooded fur trim vest, Wet Seal jacket and fingerless gloves, Walmart scarf, vintage bag from my momma, Paper Denim and Cloth Jeans, Forever 21 knit hat, Nine West boots.


lima…scenery & almuerzo

30 Aug

After a dreadfully late arrival into Lima and a slight mixup with our hotel reservation, we set out the following afternoon to experience the local comida and see some of the sights. The results were mind-blowing ceviche consisting of everything from shrimps to sea urchins, crab to octopus.

One interesting observation–in the middle of John F Kennedy park there is a plaque honoring the relationship of Lima and her hermana cuidad of Pensacola…??!! Upon further investigation, the relationship is actually with the town of Miraflores, which is like a suburb of Lima. Still pretty loca! Its a small mundo after all…

street side artwork…

plaque in the park

lover’s park…

a little pigeon i was stalking

mmmmmm ceviche

peru’s hills overlooking the pacific ocean

what a beautiful city….more to come soon. xo


29 Aug

The night antes leaving for Peru we had dinner at Scarpetta in the Fountainbleu Hotel on Miami Beach. Needless to say, it was PHENOMENAL. There’s a few days left of Miami Spice for those who want to take advantage…amazing comida and ambiance!

Top: Target, belt borrowed from Novio, Gap skirt, Rampage shoes

hola from peru!

24 Aug

I didnt think Id get much facetime with the computer this week, considering I am traveling all over Peru and as each day passes I dont know what to expect–last of which is always if I will have internet/the time to actually sit at a computer.

Anyways, we are here in Cuzco where the weather is AWESOME we’ve been here for two days now. First two days were in Lima which is pretty windy and overcast…but its on the coast so there is still a really great relaxed feel to it. Tomorrow we hit Macchu Picchu at like 5am (this trip has definitely enhanced my passion for napping throughout the day!)

I’ve taken a billion pictures and of course the next few days should be no different (good thing I packed like 30 extra batteries for my camera)…and the regimen has been pretty structered: lots of walking and climbing and little time to eat and if you do have it, you eat less because you know you have more walking to do (it´s been a pretty great excercise experience)… BUT the Peruvian food I have had so far has been INCREDIBLE! I have taken pictures of most of it because the display is such as creative as the cuisine itself.

So, hopefully you guys appreciate my blog update! For security reasons Facebook wouldnt let me  sign in, so once again another time I am grateful to have this other outlet.

WordPress=1, Facebook=0.

I look forward to uploading photos to share with you all!



an attempt at packing

20 Aug

So…I am leaving for Peru on Saturday for a little trip to Lima/Macchu Picchu. I am stoked beyond words! Alas, I am stuck trying to prepare for the journey. This happens to me everytime… I’ll probably pack and unpack twice before leaving. You see, I am a firm believer in carry-on only. I LOATHE checking my bags. For some reason, they have a habit of not being at my destination when I arrive. If one bag were to get left behind, it would be mine.  So I have become the master of packing light and shove my belongings into a tiny roll-on. I am also packing some of my revistas en espanol to help my brain adjust to being back in South America…

Anyway, I am sifting through things and the only item I am for SURE taking is the DIY t-shirt I created last night….

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