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One-on-One with Julie Rabbani

30 Sep

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Julie Rabbani, the editor-in-chief behind South Florida’s hottest new publication, Bayfront Magazine. You may recall that I posted pictures not too long ago from the launch party at LIV. Well, I got some time to ask the editor a few questions about the magazine to share with all of you.

Me: Tell us a little bit about what you did prior to starting the magazine.

Julie: I was a freelance photographer in Florida, for other magazines, and for bridal fashion in North Florida. As for education, I attended the International Academy of Design in Chicago, and transferred to finish in Tampa. Right now, I’m finishing my MFA from the Academy of Art in Fashion Photography.

Me: What made you start your own magazine?

J: There wasn’t a great outlet for fashion in South Florida, it has been touched upon by other magazines, but there wasn’t a publication dedicated strictly to fashion.

at he Bayfront launch party at LIV, Julie is second from left

Me: What makes you different than other fashion magazines?

J: A majority of the fashion magazines that are around are the same. They feature the same designers, run the same ads. We do things different, we feature fashion that’s mainstream but also lesser know designers who normally wouldn’t get the exposure, we put them in, and celebrities who are hot and of-the-moment as well. We also touch on news, not the way it’s presented every night with the same reports and coverage, but we relate it to fashion and make an editorial around current events.

Me: Speaking of celebrities, why did you choose Audrina for the cover?

J: Well, I am a huge Hills fan, and was a huge, huge fan when it was on the air. Audrina is someone that is hot, who everyone knows, and that’s really what you want for the cover. People look at your magazine, and it’s the first thing they see, so it has to be someone who stands out–someone who is trendy, gorgeous, and just has a hot look. And of course, Audrina is definitely one of those people.

Me: I agree. Ok, for my last question (which I guess isn’t really a question), describe the woman who reads Bayfront.

J: Almost any woman who loves fashion, entertainment, beauty. Anyone who wants to learn more about fashion, or even someone who just appreciates fashion. Really, any and every woman is who I see reading Bayfront.

also from the launch party, Julie is the bottom row, second from left

BIG THANKS to @ExposedPR and Julie Rabbani for the interview! Click here to check out more about Bayfront Magazine and view the premiere issue online!

xo, E


spring rtw 2011: the trench

29 Sep

Runways across the world have featured the classically chic outerwear known simply as the trench. Hemlines range from mini to ankle and most designers stayed withinin the neutral solids of khaki and white, and stayed true to the classic understated glam that the trench is synonymous with. Except, of course, for Burberry. NOBODY does a trench quite like Burberry…studded shoulders and corset belts? Yes please.


Alberta Ferretti

Dries van Noten


Salvatore Ferragamo

and for the most incredible coats…Burberry:

can I just say I’m obsessed with the fact that the second Burberry model is barefoot? Perhaps a wardrobe malfunction took place but I think bare feet with a studded trench is simply divine. I’m seriously tempted to find a inexpensive trench and try to spike up the shoulders.

For more budget-friendly version, check out:

Old Navy, $49.50, available in khaki, black, navy, and a very fun bright green,

Forever 21 Twelve by Twelve, $44,

Zara Canvas Trenchcoat, $99.90,

Several styles also available at, and

Happy Shopping and Stay Warm! xo

gossip girl: fashion inspiration

27 Sep

Gossip Girl is merely four episodes in (the fourth is airing as I type this) and I feel its time to pay homage to Serena’s style thus far. Her clothes SCREAM Paris (but of course) and finding similar items was pretty tough….which is why they are a little different, i.e. the ruffled green maxi is now a jumpsuit.

hope you like! Maybe THIS is more like my Miami Fall Fashion picks considering its never going to get cold here…



duffy wool and cashmere jacket $375

marc jacobs nude dress 418 GBP

hat,, $95

halston heritage jumpsuit 423 GBP

floppy hat, 20 GBP

twelfth street by cynthia vincent 264 GBP

tapered leg blue pants moschino cheap and chic $300, on sale for $133

mcq by alexander mcqueen sailor pants, $265, on sale for $80

sheer rib tank,, $65

turquoise necklace, $194

model muse: cristina tosio

26 Sep

I saw pictures of Cristina Tosio in an issue of Spanish Elle a few months ago and I literally hunted down her identity. Her look reminds me of Sienna Miller in Alfie and makes me want bangs like crazy.

Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Green
Place of Birth:Madrid, Spain
Height:5’9″ ; 175cm

i think she is too cute in the first shot. And I want her legs! But seriously…she is quickly becoming one of my favorite models! If you look her up, you’ll see she’s had her hair red, brown, and blonde…personally I like the blonde. Duh.

Images via Vogue Espana, the Fashion Forums, Fashionising

homemade ceviche

26 Sep

My apologies for not photographing the process. Alas, here are pics from the end result. There are so many different ceviche recipes online, we kinda improvised. We ended up using

1 cup of lemon and lime juice, squeezed from fresh fruits

1 piece of mahi mahi

1/2 lb shrimp

1/3lb tuna steak

1 cucumber

1 tomato

1/2 cup fresh mint and cilantro

1 lg onion

1 cherry pepper

Basically, the seafood was seared (we didnt want it completely raw), then mixed in with the veggies, herbs, and pepper. Stir together, set in the fridge, and let sit. Ideally, 2-3 hours is best, but we were so impatient we waited about 20 minutes.

On the side, a 1/2 lb of mussels, cooked for 3 minutes in a sauce of butter and olive oil, and served with saltines and hot sauce.

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