exposing sara shake

8 Sep

Last night, I finally managed to meet up with the wonderful head of Exposed PR & Events, Miss Sara Shake (yes that’s her real name!).  Exposed is a boutique-style PR agency based locally in Fort Lauderdale, which Sara started herself about 8 months ago and the company has steadily taken on new clients ever since.

We met downtown at a cool little indie coffee shop in downtown FTL called Brew…which I definitely intend to frequent more often. Talking with Sara was sort of eerie, almost like talking to myself! Anyway it was great meeting someone else in South Florida who has drive & ambition, as well as encouraging to know there is still opportunity out there for people who work hard. I definitely look forward to some collaborations in the near future and wish nothing but great things for Sara & Exposed.

Check her out at http://exposedprandevents.com and follow her on twitter @exposedPR.

image via exposedprandevents.com

Oh, and on a side note… check out my gaga-inspired shoes I’ve got on at work today! 🙂  Let’s just say weaving through this morning’s traffic was significantly more challenging…ra ra ooh la la

Have a wonderful day! xo


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