the rosette vest: DIY

9 Sep

I’ve seen a couple images on the internet lately with clothing adorned with rosettes. At first, I was “eh” about them. I kept imagining the Project Runway season where that one girl put rosettes on everything and everyone got so annoyed. But then I did some googling. While this image (via’t do the trend much justice, you get the idea of what high end designers have dabbled in rosettes: 

BEFORE, a basic black vest from wet seal.

black vest

AFTER (below), my snazzed up rosette vest. I picked up some rosette ribbon and kind of randomly went about sewing it on. Originally, I wanted to cover the front panels, but I definitely like it this way instead. Just a little embellishment, nothing too over-the-top.

I will post pictures of me wearing it soon! Hope you like my new creation!!


One Response to “the rosette vest: DIY”

  1. garbagelapsap September 12, 2010 at 11:32 am #

    nice DIY , love it

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