easy does it: omelettes 101

13 Sep

Every girl (and guy for that matter) should know how to make the perfect omelette. Why, you ask? Because it’s unbelievably EASY and because people love them. So next time you host your friends, family, or significant other…whip up some omelettes!

For this recipe, I used:

 4 eggs (with a dash of nonfat organic milk mixed in, for fluffiness)

2 pieces of salami

1 roma tomato

1/8th of a white onion

2 pieces of ham, shredded

1/4th of a large polska sausage link

2 slices jarlsberg lite cheese

make things easier on yourself by prepping your toppings prior to even cracking the eggs open

pour the eggs into a large skillet (i sprinkled in some pepper…i love pepper). Let this cook a few minutes on high. You’ll see it bubble up some–I poke these down with a fork to ensure everything cooks all the way through. Pick up the pan after it starts bubbling and swirl the batter so it sticks to the sides of the pan. This is very important–this is how you will peel the omelette from the pan and fold it at the end.

add all the toppings into one side of the omelette. Let it cook about 1 minute and a half, and you notice the opposite side egg start to peel away from the skillet, grab a fork and spatula and carefully pick it up and throw it over the toppings (I messed this up like the first 5 times I tried it…so dont feel bad)

and voila! serve immediately. As you can see, I like so many toppings that mine kinda splits open anyway. Who cares! You’re going to eat it anyway. I often pour a little hot sauce on it so then you really can’t see its imperfections.

Best complimented with a rainy day and mimosas.

And also, you can see a 4 egg omelette comfortably serves 2.


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