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winter 2010-fair isle sweaters

5 Nov

Get in touch with your inner Scandinavian and pick up a fair isle sweater/onesie/pair of boots. Need style inspiration? Look to Kasia, Hilary, and Dree. And runway pics, thanks to Dolce & Gabbana. Unfortunately for me, my winter days are limited. Aside from the few days at Thanksgiving (still in FL, we’ll see if it cools off), I don’t really have any days necessitating clothing worthy of my Norwegian birthright. Anyone wanna take me skiing so I have an excuse?

I really really love the shorts onesie…maybe if I just kick my thermostat down I could rock that at home…


On the runway:

Magazine spread:

Some retail options:

Banana Republic, $175

Urban Outfitters, $78

Bonnie skirt, $39.50

Mukluk boots, $34.95,

Fashion editorial pics via Fashionising, FashionGoneRogue


Now that it’s Fall…

6 Oct

Everyone is uploading and tweeting about the a-mazing Spring collections, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves as of yet! Let me take you back a few months to revisit the Fall collections. Since this is the season we are now embarking upon, you’ll still be on point with the biggest trends while cultivating your wardrobe for Spring.

1. All things structured, gold, and tiny, a la Balmain. Of course in chillier climates, this can be layered up with a leather jacket, opaque tights, and taller boots. Proceed with caution unless you have legs like Anja here, you don’t want it to look bulky. Shed those layers once indoors and let a hot number like this speak for itself.

2. Live in jumpsuits, and accessorize them with skinny belts, as seen at Chloe. Jumpsuits are a fashion blessing. They are like the pinnacle of ready-to-wear comfort when they are cut right, they are an entire outfit in themselves, and they can be easily dressed up or down depending on the circumstances. Neutrals are big for fall, and I think jumpsuits are pretty perfect in black. Which I guess, in its essence, is also a neutral.

3. Invest in a Burberry-inspired pair of chunky, badass boots. This model’s legs are probably toothpicks anyway, but a bulky boot can make the rest of us normal people’s legs look slimmer too. Boots are fashionably acceptable in nearly every climate. Yes I live in the tropical end of Florida and I wear knee high and ankle boots as I please. There are ways of wearing winter items without making you look like your in the wrong part of the world. Play around with your closet, see what works.

4. Wrap yourself into a fun, fluffy vest. Ok, so Versace’s vest is a LITTLE BRIGHT and I am not sure if this would look sort of bird-ish in person, but you get the drift. The runways are all exaggerations of trends for the most part anyway. The length of the vest could vary, from cropped to tunic length. Styling wise, this look has it nailed. A big, voluminous vest belted down and paired with liquid leggings and a skintight top is perfect. Like I said before, you never want to look bulky.

5. Say hello to gray. At Rag & Bone, gray was mixed in to nearly every look that went down the runway. With so many shades, there is bound to be a gray that works with your complexion. It’s nice lighter side of black for those who don’t like to stray too far on the color wheel. I love this look with the knee high socks, the mittens, and the menswear. Throw some sheer tights underneath to combat wind chill.

6. Work it in Winter White. White is always a nice look in the wintertime, and Celine’s sheer blouse is no exception. Ladylike blouses have been modernized by young Hollywood and fashion bloggers alike, and have been tucked into everything from leather mini skirts to skinny jeans. Embrace this ladylike trend.

7. Incorporate Army Green into Your Wardrobe. Army green has been popping up on the figures of fashionistas across the globe, and here on the Dries Van Noten runway. It is simultaneously effortless and chic and works quite well the neutral winter palette. Shown with a fitted blazer and cool sunglasses, army green cargos are trendy without trying too hard.

8. Be a Lady in Bottega Veneta. For those of you who haven’t yet jumped on the Mad Men inspired fashion train, now is the time. This nostalgic style is flattering for all body types, because it covers while also accentuating. Don’t like your thighs? The hemlines are knee-length and beyond. Self-conscious about your stomach? Eyes will be drawn to the cinched belt, which appears slimming thanks to a voluminous skirt. This dress, paired with fishnets and sexy shoes, is the perfect modern take on the throwback style.

9. Take a Cue From Diane von Furstenberg, And Mix Your Summer Dresses With Tough Jackets. Who doesn’t love re-wearing favorites with a season specific twist? Take your tropical and floral print summer dresses and pair them with leather jackets and chunky heels or boots for a unique winter look. The best part? Fashioning summer pieces for winter means ZERO dollars spent. It’s all about looking within your own closet and having fun!

10. Experiment With Fabrics and Prints. At Dolce & Gabbana, sheer polka dots were paired up with a thick tweed. Play around with prints and stripes and come up with some original outfits. Especially when you factor in layering. The key? Keeping them in the same color family. Gray, white, and black are shown here, and obviously it works. You’re already mixing prints, which is trendy, don’t make it tacky. And any “pops” of color should be left to accessories, if at all.

Ta-da! Hope you enjoy. And have fun dressing for Fall/Winter 2010-11!

All photos via

i want!

8 Sep

I want, I need, I gotta have…..Christian Dior Fall 2010. And a place with actual seasons, so I can wear it without dying of heat exhaustion. I also really love the super teased hair………and those thigh high boots and socks!!!

Natasha Poly getting me all ready for SUMMER!

30 Apr
photos via fashiongoneogue

….io penso…

4 Mar

I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking lately. I’ve definitely got some loose ends to tend to. And I love this daydreamy yet pensive photo of Natasha, who seems to be thinking what I’m thinking…

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